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Yuna Lee is

a certified breathwork facilitator and breathwork instructor. She offers breathwork sessions in Joshua Tree, California, and at the Cedar & Sage Wellness Studio.  She is devoted to helping people release negative emotions and traumas from their minds and bodies. Davide Elliott and Danielle Hering, LMFF, trained her.

Previously, She worked in academia, having a Ph.D. and two Master's degrees, teaching and conducting research in English and specializing in childhood and trauma.


My Story

Once, I was an educator and researcher in academia, teaching college students trauma theories and issues regarding personal and collective trauma in diverse cultures and literature. In my 20s and 30s, I focused on understanding how trauma and pain operate in people’s life by studying Eastern and Western philosophy, literature, and psychology and writing and teaching in academia. It was also part of my healing journey to understand my own traumas and help young adults to have an awareness of issues regarding social and collective traumas.

Despite my endeavors and success in my academic career, I was in a loop of suffering.  Childhood traumas haunted me through my choosing abusive relationships. I experienced divorce and unemployment. As a Korean immigrant, I lived life as the “other” and dealt with chronic illnesses. Yoga, meditation, and therapy have greatly helped me. Yet, breathwork has transformed my life.  Through my practicing and getting trained for the pranayama breathwork, I learned how to release traumas from my body and reconnect with myself, feeling the love and light inside of me, and building self-ownership for my choices and emotions. 


Now, I am a healthy and happy desert dweller and serve breathwork sessions for people who pursue healing. My dream is to have beautiful but affordable breathwork-centered retreats in nature, for diverse individuals around the world.

Education & Credentials

Pranayama Breathwork Facilitator


San Diego & Joshua Tree, California

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher


Yoga Six,


Ph.D. in English, 

Michigan State University,

East Lansing, Michigan

B.A. in Eastern and Western Philosophy and English

Ewha Women's University, Seoul, South Korea.

Pranayama Breathwork certified & trained by David Elliott and Danielle Herring

Teaching methodology, asana alignment, pranayama techniques, meditation, anatomy & physiology, assisting, yogic lifestyle, professional ethics, intelligent class design, classical & tantric philosophy, vinyasa, flow sequencing, & teaching practicum.

Specializing in representations of trauma and childhood in culture and literature: trauma theories, diaspora theories, and issues around global capitalism and children.

Worked as a researcher and instructor, and later as an assistant professor at Michigan State Univ.

Focusing on comparative studies of Buddhist and Daoist philosophies & German Idealism. 

Exploring Woman's Studies and Feminist Theories with Contemporary American Literature





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