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Pranama Breathwork 

 Traumas haunt you unless you work through them. They remain as repressed anger, frustration, helplessness, and self-hatred in your body, and those unresolved emotions negatively impact your daily life with family members and friends, your health as well as your work/business.


Welcome to the pranayama breathwork session that I will guide you through. This session is designed to help you identify and release any pain in your body and mind. Each breathwork session is tailored to your specific needs and wants.


To begin, you can express your pain and concerns to me, and I will listen intently with love and compassion. This will assist you in identifying the sources of your pain and releasing any emotional, mental, and physical pain in your body and mind. I provide a completely confidential space, where you can share whatever you feel comfortable sharing.


I will then provide you with a brief demonstration of the breathing technique, which involves inhaling through the mouth with one long breath, one short breath, and exhaling through the mouth.


After that, you can lie down and listen to one of my specially designed audio/musical compilations, which cater to different needs. During the session, you will have the opportunity to experience any suppressed or repressed feelings. I will guide you in releasing negative energies and pains through breathing, affirmations, yelling, laughing, and light touch (with your consent).


You will feel a sense of connection to yourself, relief, gratefulness, and clarity after the session. You will also feel much lighter, both mentally and physically. Thank you for trusting me to guide you through this healing process.

Breathwork can help you to

Identify your internal blocks to happiness and self-love

Acknowledge your power and capabilities

Release judgments and negative self-talk 

Claim self-leadership in your life

Rise out of past traumas and wounds

Finding more appreciation and joy in your life





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