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I am Yuna Lee, and I am here for you.

to get things off your chest,

to reconnect with your feelings,

to let go of things that don’t serve you well,

to reestablish your self-love and self-leadership,

and to find your way to thrive in your life.​

Now I am here to walk with you on your journey of healing.


Unresolved Issues in our minds, stresses, and traumas impact our bodies and life choices.  

I have been there, experiencing all of them and more.  Changes and transformations occurred in my life thanks to breathwork.

This is your time to make changes.

My pranayama breathwork session lets you identify the pain in your body and mind and release them. 

Letting out our concerns and issues by talking to me will help you to identify their roots.

Also, guided breathing will help you to release the pain and reshape your negative thoughts with new and positive energies.  

Contact me for your first free consultation session. 

Kelsey R.   NC.

Yuna is a really powerful healer and wonderful breathwork facilitator. I have been breathing with her for about 6 months, and every session she shows up fully present and ready to hold space. Doing this breathwork continues to be such a huge piece of my evolution and healing journey. I would definitely recommend breathing with Yuna, especially if you’re ready to do some deep healing work!

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 Yucca Valley, CA


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